A Wearable Electronic Breast Pump

A low-noise, easy-to-setup, easy-to-clean breast pump that fits into your bra and your life.

Get ready for fuss-free pumping.

"In our most personal quest to improve women's lives, especially mothers, we’re excited to bring you our low-noise, hands free and easy-to-clean, electronic breast pump; MilQ. "

Our Story

What do you get when two co-founders have babies in the same year, during a global pandemic? Innovation. 

From the award-winning black-fe­male-owned and run through-the-line creative agency, Think Creative Africa, comes a new FemmeTech brand Think Creations. Think Creation’s first product in quest to improve women’s lives through tech is the wearable, low noise, easy-to-clean breast pump, MilQ. Through this product, we want to give busy moms back what they need most, time and free hands!

Why choose MilQ wearable breast pump?

It’s important to make a fuss-free choice for yourself when it comes to your breastfeeding journey. Our low-noise, hands-free electronic pump is made by mothers, for mothers.

100% BPA Free

Our breast pump is 100% BPA Free, non-toxic, odourless and made using food-grade silicone.

Soft & Comfortable

Easy-to-assemble and hands-free (another time saver), while being soft and comfortable to use.

Low Noise

Our breast pump is quiet & discrete (we believe that a pump needn’t sound like a generator!)

9 Different Power Modes

Nine different power modes for your comfort. It also really packs a punch if you want high suction!

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